the food

A highlight of any stay at La Cour de Remi has to be the cooking, simple fayre, brilliantly prepared and all based on everyone coming together to share. Sebastien chose to change direction and take on a second career after a professional career based all over the world. So having achieved his vocational qualifications, he went to work alongside Stephane Jego from L'ami Jean who introduced him to pork in all it's glory and pushed him to his limits with his relentless daily focus. It is here with the basque chefs and the rugby men that he found his way, shared his passions and perfected his palate.

Returning to La Cour de Remi - a place of flavours, simplicity and pleasure. Quality ingredients, often overlooked by other restaurants, the passion for everything homemade, taking total control of the cooking.

La cour de Rémi